Oliver Bierhoff leaves the German federation after 18 years of loyal service / Mondial 2022 / Germany / SOFOOT.com

After the rout of the German selection at the 2022 World Cup, the general manager of the German federation, Oliver Bierhoff, has decided to leave his post. The DFB said in a statement: “Oliver Bierhoff and the DFB have agreed today to prematurely terminate his contract which ran until 2024. We wish Oliver Bierhoff the … Read more

Are you depressed? Here is the crazy but effective therapy that will make you feel better, and fast!

Whether it’s to do good, release stress, vent your anger, have fun or something else…Screaming can sometimes be good for your health. Moreover, a trend has emerged in recent years: the “Screaming Therapy”. Understand in French, “scream therapy”. The principle ? Get out of the norms and not contain yourself by externalizing what you feel. … Read more

Rumor has it Honda Scoopy will upgrade the engine to 160 cc!!

The rumor is very strong in Indonesia. Regarding that, AHM, the domestic Honda motorcycle manufacturer, is planning a secret. With the addition of a product in the style of Neo-Vlassic Scotter with the Scoopy 160 that will use the new eSP+ engine currently in use. This news flow originated from a famous website from Indonesia … Read more